The Results Are In

April 24, 2023

The OAAA is an organization that everyone in the billboard industry knows! For those who are not in our industry, OAAA is the Out of Home Advertising Association of America.  That mouthful is why it is commonly referred to as the “O triple A.”

Every year they audit the previous year and demonstrate how advertisers spend their money.  2022 was a banner year for outdoor advertising and 2023 looks on track to be another! Keep reading for a few notable stats and facts about the last year in outdoor advertising.

Loving the Locals

Last year–continuing the trend of previous years–local companies were at the top of the charts for billboard spending. Billboards have proven to be an important part of local companies’ advertising efforts. Local businesses don’t have the same marketing budget as the large national chains so they must use their money wisely. Local companies need a very localized campaign and billboards help them to target right in the market they are seeking.   Billboards also boast an affordable price tag, which can benefit all companies, local and national.

The Draw of Digital

Overall outdoor advertising saw big growth over the last year, and that big growth was accomplished by Digital Out of Home (DOOH). When billboards come to mind most people probably think of static units, but digital units are becoming more and more popular.

We hear from clients all the time that they only want static units because they “don’t want to share” the ad space. This is an understandable sentiment, but our answer to it is simple: people love screens.  Studies show that when drivers see large, bright, changing LED panels they are excited to see what’s next. While in some ways you do share the ad space, commuters are much more likely to look day in and day out at digital billboards. Certainly though, both traditional and digital billboards are effective and should be included in your ad spend.

Outdoor advertising is a powerful form of advertising.  It reaches the masses where other forms of advertising struggle.  Call us today to discuss how you can get started or increase your outdoor presence.

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