A Beacon of Light

June 23, 2023

If you’ve ever spent time in Spartanburg, South Carolina or ever spent time talking to someone from Spartanburg, chances are you’ve heard of the Beacon Drive-In. The Beacon has been a staple in the Upstate since 1946! You don’t stay in business that long without having something special.

The Beacon has been on famous Food Network shows and magazines over all these years, but the newest way they are standing out is their new billboard on I-26! 

Some would say that billboards advertising for burger joints run a-plenty in South Carolina, so we had to get creative if we wanted to stand out. You may have noticed that billboards are all mostly the same size. Our canvas is a big rectangle. We use something called extensions to help bring these normal looking rectangles to life. Thanks to extensions, the big juicy hamburger on this sign looks like it’s jumping off the billboard. It catches the commuters’ attention, making them realize they’re hungry and in the mood for a burger!

And what would a lighthouse be without the light?

We were able to construct a backlit box off the back of the billboard so this board is a brightly lit beacon in the night. We used a mirror on the inside of the box to create the even light across the whole top.  

When we first talked with Steve Duncan, the owner of The Beacon, and heard about his story and his love for his restaurant, we knew we needed to come up with something big! After walking through the design process with Steve, we settled on what you see now. Steve was thrilled with the end and felt affirmed that he went into the restaurant business and not the sign designing business.

This board stands out during the day and even more at night! Do you want to do something fun and creative for your business? Give us a call, let’s talk. 

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