Twitter News Looks Good for Billboards

November 4, 2022

Twitter has been center stage in the news cycle for the past few weeks with repercussions for the advertising world.

GM just announced that they are pulling all of their advertising from Twitter following Elon Musk’s purchase, while they assess their brand’s association with Musk.

Where you advertise your business is just as important as how. When you spend your marketing dollars on a platform, consumers automatically connect you to wherever they see your ad. This complicates online marketing. Countless companies are ready and willing to sell you online marketing campaigns, but they don’t all have transparent reporting methods.

When our clients sign up for our advertising services, whether for billboard or online advertisement, they can count on Grace Outdoor to report honestly.

In order to report honestly we prioritize quality by utilizing the best online advertising platforms and analytic services. Prioritizing quality allows us to serve our clients in a more comprehensive way.

One term we have heard time and time again is “Brand Safety.”  Brands care about what they are intentionally or unintentionally attaching their image to. This is one of the many places that billboards stand out. Presenting as a giant vinyl or digital banner, an advertiser has complete power. There are no competing brands or ideas at the moment your ad is viewed; just your message, loud and clear. 

There is a reason that billboards have lasted as long as they have.

They are clear and effective means to show off your brand. They are a safe way to promote your brand without fear of hitching your wagon to something you don’t believe in. Grace is here to help. Whether that is for a billboard campaign, an online campaign, or a combination of both, we are ready to work with you.

Bigger Voice, Bigger Results.

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