What Does Digital Rotary Mean?

August 14, 2023

Often our sales executives will mention the term “rotary” to a client. As a billboard company, this term is second nature to us, but it may not be so familiar to new clients so I’m here to clear up any confusion!  Rotary is short for rotation. A rotary campaign is simply a rotation of a client’s ad from one digital board to another digital board on a scheduled rotation. Using our client’s targeted areas, we can create a plan where an advertiser moves from one board to another board every two or four weeks.  

Why? You probably already know that billboards are a really good tool for branding campaigns.

Digital rotaries boost these campaigns even further.

If your ad is constantly moving from location to location, you’re getting exposure to different commuters on many different routes. A rotary can saturate a certain area of town for a few weeks, and then move to another location. Our sales team is here to help you choose the best times and locations for your ad.

Digital Rotaries can save you money.

If you wanted full coverage of Columbia, you would need to get at least five or six different locations, but with a digital rotary we can use those same five or six locations and move between them. This would give you the flexibility to only pay for two billboards at a time instead of all six at once and still reach the same audience.

Digital rotaries are extremely flexible.

We can build them to your exact needs. We can build them for $500-$3000 a month depending on your budget, and how much exposure you want.

Give us a call and see what kind of rotary plan we can build for you!

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